The Lawyer SEO Expert Jim Ng

The Lawyer SEO Expert Jim Ng

Jim Ng SEO Expert For Law Firms
Jim Ng, founder of Swift Turn Marketing is an expert in performing SEO for law firms.

SEO Services For Lawyers

SEO Audit

On Page SEO

Prior to performing any time of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website, it is critical to perform an SEO audit for your site. This refers to On Page SEO, content directly under your control.

By doing so, it will give us a better understanding of how to beat your competitors.

An SEO Audit usually involves the studying of where your website currently stands in terms of the following factors:

Content On Site

It is critical that your site has relevant content to what keywords you want to rank for. We need to study closely what content is currently on your site.

Internal Linking Structure

A good internal linking structure is critical to ensure that the links being passed on your site stays on your site. This creates high relevancy for your website to rank higher on Google.

Secured Socket Layer Certificate

Since 2014, Google has announced that a Secured Socket Layer Certificate (SSL) is important and is regarded as a ranking factor. We need to ensure that you have an SSL installed on your website.

Title Tags

Having a proper title tag is critical to send Google signals to what your website is about. That being said, you do not want to simply stuff the keyword in the Title Tag of the web page. According to Neil Patel, keyword stuffing can really damage your rankings. You want to avoid that.

URL Structure

Having a good URL structure is important to rank on Google. Usually, a good URL Structure will exclude any arbitrary numbers.

For instance, if I were to Google for law firm SEO, the results on page 2 look like this:

This is bad!

Whereas on Page 1, it looks like that:

This is good!

As you can see, the second URL does not have any random numbers in the URL structure.

Meta Description

Meta Description is simply the content that Google searchers read before they click on your web page.

In order to ensure that you have a higher click-through rate, in turn resulting in a higher ranking, you want to make sure you have a well-written Meta Description.

Off Page SEO

Topic Relevant Back-links

Off-Page SEO refers to building relevant links for your website. This will increase your rankings on Google.

Having back-links are important, but not just any type of back-links. You want topic relevant back-links. This means the website that points to your site must be relevant to your site.

Quality is always better than quantity.

Keyword Research

Once we have done an audit of your website, we can now proceed to craft a battle plan to outrank your fellow law firm competitors.

This begins with researching for keywords to rank for. For instance, some law firms specialize in divorce and family matters.

Other law firms specialize in criminal law and workman compensation. Thus, as a professional SEO agency, we have to research on the keywords to rank for.

According to Brian Dean, it is important to find long tail keywords to rank for, which will drastically increase your website traffic.

On Page SEO – Creating Relevant Content

Once we have mapped out the keywords we want to rank for, we can start crafting content for your website to rank.

This step involves our specialized SEO copywriters to create the content required. By crafting relevant content, your page will have higher relevancy to what users are searching for. This will ensure you have higher rankings on Google.

Off Page SEO – Building Authority Links

After creating great content, we can start building relevant links for your law firm. This includes links from sites like usembassy.gov, icann.org, lexisnexis.com, and legal500.com.

Google My Business SEO

To ensure you rank higher on the maps so that locals can find you, we have to optimize your Google My Business by uploading more photos to your Google My Business Profile.

This creates authority and trust to Google that you are a legitimate law firm. Thus, it is important to manage your Google My Business listing well.

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Getting Legal Leads

After performing SEO on your site, in bound leads will start coming in. This is where we can install a Facebook Pixel through our Facebook Advertising service, to capture the lead.

I’ll explain in the Social Media section why this is important.

Pay Per Click Cost For Lawyers

While waiting for the SEO results to kick in, we can run your SEO campaign in conjunction with Pay Per Click Advertisements, this will ensure the domination of real estate in the search engines.

Using Social Media To Re-target To Potential Clients

Remember how I spoke about Facebook Pixel? Using this method, you’re able to re-target advertisements to leads who have previously viewed your website. Those who have yet to convert now has an additional chance to view your advertisement.

Instead of advertising to a cold lead, you’re advertising to a warm lead, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Does Every Law Firm Need An SEO Agency?

Do you need more clients?

First of all, you need to ask whether you want more sales. If you need more clients coming to your doorstep, then yes, you definitely need to perform SEO.

If you are struggling to manage the existing clients, and don’t require more clients, then no, you don’t need SEO.

Are the lawyers trained in performing SEO?

If the lawyers are trained in performing SEO for their own website, then you likely don’t need an SEO agency.

That being said, across our experience, lawyers are not well-versed in SEO matters.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you outsource your marketing activities to a professional SEO agency.

The proprietary law firm SEO Process

Competition Analysis

Our SEO Process is spearheaded by SEO Expert Jim Ng. We will perform an analysis of competitors according to our keyword research. From there, it will give us a better picture of how to defeat your competitors.

Internal Linking Structure

A good linking structure keeps the relevancy flowing back to your site. In turn, this allows your page to rank higher on Google.

Optimizing Content On Page

We touch-up any content on your website that requires optimization. For instance, we will optimize your Title Tags and Meta Description along with the URL Structure.

Claim Business Directory Listings

We create many local map citations across business directory listings such as Yelp, Hotfrog, and Express Business Directory.

This improves the trustworthiness and authority of your company.

Track Website Visits using Google Analytics and Search Console

During our SEO campaign, we will use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track the progress. User-based metrics such as bounce rate and most visited pages will give us a better idea what pages we should work harder on.

Monitor And Adjust Accordingly

As a trusted and professional SEO agency, we ensure our SEO Specialists monitor your campaign and make the necessary adjustments to outrank your competitors.

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Free Keyword Ranking And Consultation
How To Rank On Google For Any Keyword

How To Rank On Google For Any Keyword

Rank #1 on Google Any Keyword Thumbnail

Login to your WordPress Admin

Ideally, you should use WordPress as a Content Management System if you are not an expert in coding. With multiple plugins available to facilitate your website, you do not have to worry about code.

Other Content Management Systems are fine as long as you can perform editing for important things like Title Tags and Meta Tags.

Be Warned, Wix may hurt your SEO

However, Chase Reiner has mentioned that Wix is not ideal for SEO due to the amount of Javascript that it contains.

I personally enjoy using WordPress because of the awesome plugins. This ensures that I can use plugins like Yoast SEO to improve SEO rankings.

Also, there are other plugins like creating a custom 404 error page and so on, but that’s a topic for another day.

Use WordPress Snippet
Use WordPress Snippet

Click on the Plugins in the navigation panel

Once you’ve logged in, simply click on “Plugins” located at the left hand side of the navigation panel.

Wordpress Plugins Snippet
WordPress Plugins Snippet

Search for Yoast SEO in the search bar

Once you’ve done that, search for Yoast SEO in the search bar. Click on “Install Now”. Activate the plugin once it has finished installation.

Yoast SEO Search Plugin Snippet
Yoast SEO Search Plugin Snippet

Write adequate content for your page

Once you’ve installed YoastSEO, be prepared to write content for your page.

Enter your focus keyphrase that you want to rank for.

Ideally, you should achieve all the green indicators and green smiley face as shown at the bottom of your WordPress Editor.

In this scenario, I have some orange and red indicators because my theme, Divi, does not integrate that well with YoastSEO. There are some glitches in detecting the subheadings.

In short, just make sure that you have achieved all the green indicators.

Yoast SEO Green Faces Checks Snippet
Yoast SEO Green Faces Checks Snippet

Head Over to Google Search Console

Once you’re done with the content on your page, head over to Google Search Console.

You can do this very easily by simply searching for “Google Search Console” on Google.

Search For Google Search Console

Search For Google Search Console

Click on Start Now to go to the dashboard

The next step is really easy. Just click on Start Now.

Click On Start Now
Click On Start Now

Setup your Google Search Console

If you have not set up your Google Search Console, do it now. For more information on how you can set up Google Search Console, you can check out this article written by Google.
How to Setup Google Search Console.

Go to the old version

I am not entirely sure why Google designed in this way, but you have to click on go to the old version if you want to fetch and render your pages. I may be wrong.

Go ahead and click on “Go To The Old Version”.

Google Search Console Old Version
Google Search Console Old Version

Click on Fetch As Google

Under the toolbar that is shown on the left hand side of the screen, click on “Fetch As Google”.

Click on Fetch as Google
Click on Fetch as Google

Enter the URL of the page you would like to rank

Now you can enter the URL of the page you would like to rank. Be sure to include the front slash as well. This is because in Google’s eyes, they view pages with and without a front slash as different pages.

If you do not include the front slash, Google will simply automatically redirect the pages.

So just do it.

Once you’ve entered the URL, click on “Fetch And Render”.

Google Fetch And Render
Google Fetch And Render

Click on request indexing once the fetching and rendering has been done

Now you can request for indexing. Once you do that, your page should be visible on the Google Search Engine.

Click Request Indexing On Google Search Console
Click Request Indexing On Google Search Console

Click on request indexing once the fetching and rendering has been done

Just follow the instructions and click on I’m not a robot. Select “Crawl only this URL” and click on Go.

Crawl Only This URL On Google
Crawl Only This URL On Google

Voila, you are #1 for the Google Search Term you want to rank for

Obviously, this is only extended to non competitive keywords. If you are trying to rank for competitive keywords, you need a lot more than just content and indexing on the Google Search Console to do that.

You may need to have some authority on your website. That may include some Off Page SEO besides the On Page SEO that you have done.

In this case, “Bukit Gombak SEO” is not a competitive keyword. That is way I am ranking #1 for this keyword.

If this article has helped you, be sure to give it a 5 Star Rating or share it with any of your friends. Cheers.

Page 1 Result on Google

Still confused?

No worries, I’ve made a nice step-by-step video for you. If you can’t even follow the video shown at the top of this post, which goes step-by-step, then I can’t help you. I’m joking. If you have any queries, feel free to contact me via email at [email protected]