Technical Search Engine Optimization

Local search engine optimization campaign is extremely competitive. Campaigns involve technical SEO on a website.

Technical SEO ensures your website appears through Google searches. Since Google is the largest search engine in the world, the competition is incredibly huge. Because of this, your website needs to be search engine friendly. These are little things such as: 

  • Having an HTTPS certificate on your website

  • Having published useful content on your website
  • Having title tags relating to your keyword you want to rank for
  • Having meta tags relating to your keyword you want to rank for
  • Having relevant H1 and H2 tags to keywords you want to rank for
  • Having a related link to your content
  • Good readability on your content

One Stop On Page SEO

    Our SEO Packages include an in-depth technical analysis and research before we embark on the SEO journey.

    Within the first month of engaging us, you can expect the following to be done: 

    • SEO Road Map – What we are going to do to increase optimize your web pages

    • Write copies for your page ( 5 articles, 600 words each)
    • Creating a blog for your website
    • Google Analytics Check & Installation

    • Google Search Console Check & Installation

    • Title Tag Optimization – ensure that it is relevant to what users search for (25 titles)

    • Meta Description Optimization – ensure that it is related to the keywords (25 meta descriptions)

    • Meta Keyword Optimization – ensure relation to the keywords (25 meta keywords)

    • Domain Redirect Optimization – ensure users will be redirected to the correct page upon entering the wrong URL

    • .xml Sitemap Optimization – add a Sitemap so that Google can pick up on a sitemap

    • Robots.txt Check – A readable robots.txt file helps in ranking

    • URL Rewrites (30 URL rewrites) – URL needs to be optimized to ensure readability 

    • Broken Link Report – Links that do not work need to be fixed

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    Swift Turn Marketing is Singapore’s premier Search Engine Optimization & digital marketing agency. We are obsessed with helping our clients rank number 1 on Google. Having experienced how poor lead flow can affect your business, we understand your needs when it comes to lead generation.