Appearing on Business Directories

It is important to use local map citations on top of On Page SEO in order to rank. By listing your business on respectable directories such as Yelp, Google My Business, YellowPages, and TheSmartLocal, it will help in your rankings. 

Google detects consistent details of your business throughout the web before ranking you in the search engines. A simple strategy includes ensuring that your NAP (name, address, and phone number) are all consistent throughout the internet. 

Your website needs to be spread out throughout the internet to ensure you’re getting maximum visibility. In our SEO campaigns, Swift Turn Marketing ensures that your citations and directories are optimized with a complete description of your business, optimal images for viewership, and we start a review generation campaign for your business.

Our review generation campaigns allow your business to handle your reputation flawlessly.  


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Our Latest Work

Singapore Plumbing

This is the website of our client, Singapore Plumbing, a local plumber based in Singapore. We are also performing SEO for their website to rank them #1 for the keyword "Singapore Plumber", which has 6,600 monthly searches.

Regina Florists

This is the website for a local florist in Singapore, Regina Florists & Gift Centre.

Internet Marketing Firm

This is the website of our client, Internet Marketing Firm.

Swift Turn Marketing

This is the website of our digital marketing agency, Swift Turn Marketing.

Singapore Marketing Agency

Swift Turn Marketing is Singapore’s premier Search Engine Optimization & digital marketing agency. We are obsessed with helping our clients rank number 1 on Google. Having experienced how poor lead flow can affect your business, we understand your needs when it comes to lead generation.