SEO Services Pricing In Singapore

SEO Services Pricing In Singapore

SEO Services Pricing In Singapore
Read this guide to better understanding the pricing for SEO Services based in Singapore.

SEO Companies with High-End Pricing

The companies in Singapore that charge premium prices include Night Owl and Swift Turn Marketing. They charge premium prices of above $1000 on a monthly retainer contract.

These companies have tested and proven results and perform SEO work on their own websites to show their competency in SEO.

As it is extremely difficult to rank for SEO keywords in Singapore, these companies have shown their immense expertise and experience by ranking for competitive keywords such as “SEO Singapore” and “SEO Expert Singapore“.

SEO Companies with Low-End Pricing

Companies who charge a way lower pricing includes freelancers like Dougles Chan or companies like CommIT. Their prices could go as low as $199 for every 4 weeks.

These companies may or may not have a proven portfolio of keywords they have ranked for which could explain their lower prices.

As a result of the lower perceived value due to a lack of their own rankings to show for, they entice business owners and entrepreneurs to engage them by having lower pricing.

Reasons for variation in pricing

The core reason why these pricings have such a big difference is due to the value of work being provided.

Companies that charge a lower price likely has a higher chance of performing less quality work on your account.

Picture this. If I only pay you $199 for every 4 weeks, how much time will you be spending on my account each month? 5 hours? Maybe. 20 hours? Highly unlikely.

I’m better off working at a Part-Time Job to earn $199 for every 4 weeks as compared to performing SEO for you 20 hours a week.

On the other hand, there are companies that charge premium pricing because of the value they deliver.

These companies usually perform extensive SEO work such as technical SEO, On Page SEO, Quality Link Building, and Local Map Citations for you.

Here are some SEO Packages and Quotes

The following are the SEO Packages that are being offered by the companies that have been mentioned.

Swift Turn Marketing – SEO Company

Silver Swift SEOGold Swift SEOPlatinum Swift SEO
$897 / month$1097 / month$1997/ month
Suitable for low competition industriesDesigned for semi competitive niches such as local businesses or professional services such as lawyers or doctorsSuitable for competitive niches such as E Commerce, Insurance or Real Estate
12 Months12 Months12 Months
Minimally 150 social signals a monthMinimally 500 social shares per month
Minimally 1000 social shares per month

 Results are visible from 2nd to 3rd month onwards

 Results are visible from 2nd to 3rd month onwards

 Results are visible from 2nd to 3rd month onwards

Rank for 10 keywords (minimum 100 searches for each keyword)

Rank for 20 keywords (minimum 100 searches for each keyword)

Rank for 40 keywords (minimum 100 searches for each keyword)

1 Blog Article of minimum 500 words every 2 weeks

1 Blog Article of minimum 750 words every week

1 Blog Article of minimum 1000 words every week

 Above 20 Domain AuthorityBacklinks

 Above 30 Domain AuthorityBacklinks

 Above 40 Domain AuthorityBacklinks
10 Title Tag Optimizations20 Title Tag Optimizations40 Title Tag Optimizations
10 Meta Description Optimizations
20 Meta Description

40 Meta Description
10 URL Structure Optimizations20 URL Structure Optimizations
40 URL Structure Optimizations
Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager

Source: Swift Turn Marketing SEO Packages

NightOwl – SEO Agency

Bronze OwlSilver OwlGold Owl
$699/Month $899/Month $1299/Month
For small business / self employed / freelancers in niche industries with low online competition. For small businesses with city-wide coverage and low-medium online competition. Local business with national coverage facing moderate online competition.
12 Months
12 Months
12 Months
5 Keywords 10 Keywords10 Keywords
DA 10+ Guest PostsDA 20+ Guest Posts DA 30+ Guest Posts
Customer Dashboard with Live Keyword & Rank Tracking Customer Dashboard with Live Keyword & Rank Tracking Customer Dashboard with Live Keyword & Rank Tracking
Light Brand Signals Crowd SearchMedium Brand Signals Crowd Search
1-Hour Pre-Project Consultation 1-Hour Pre-Project Consultation 1-Hour Pre-Project Consultation
Monthly Email Reporting Monthly Email Reporting Monthly Email Reporting
Dedicated SEO Strategist

Source: Night Owl SEO Packages

Sample Company C

Option AOption B
4 Weeks12 months
$199 / month$2399 / year
Up to 10 keywordsUp to 10 keywords

Sample Company D

TypeLocal SEONational SEOInternational SEO
KeywordsMonthly FeesMonthly FeesMonthly Fees

Why you should consider hiring companies that charge higher

Companies that charge a higher pricing have results to back themselves up.

Rank #1 on Google With SEO Services in Singapore
We walk the talk and rank #3 on Google with the keyword “SEO Expert Singapore”.

For instance, Swift Turn Marketing currently ranks #2 – #3 for a competitive SEO keyword that has a 320 search volume every month, along with a cost per click of $13.

Night Owl currently ranks on the first page for a competitive SEO keyword that has a search volume of 6000 every month, along with a cost per click of $10.85.

Imagine this. If the company that is trying to sell SEO services can’t even perform SEO on their own website to acquire clients looking for SEO, what makes you think they can do the same for you?

Results speak for themselves. So always take that into consideration.

SEO Companies that claim they can perform the job for you paint unrealistic expectations with likely no results they can even show for.


It is always better to perform your own due diligence before you engage a digital marketing agency.

We wish you all the best in your SEO efforts!

Guide to choosing the right SEO Consultant in Singapore for your company

Guide to choosing the right SEO Consultant in Singapore for your company

SEO Consultant Singapore
Choosing the right SEO Consultant in Singapore is critical to your success in Digital Marketing! You must read this before you hire one!

A competent SEO Consultant asks the right probing questions

SEO Consultants are able to identify what are the shortfalls of your business.

Simply being able to rank your website on the first page of your business is not enough.

Competent SEO Consultants will take one step further to identify how are your products and services being positioned on your website. By taking it one step further to identify the competitors of your industry, you’ll be able to perform a simple SWOT Analysis.

A SWOT Analysis determines the Strengths , Threats , Opportunities and Threats of your business.

This gives clarity to the business owner what they should focus on their business to ensure they have more market share in their industry.

A competent SEO Consultant does intensive keyword research prior to your kickstarting your SEO campaign

Good SEO Consultants will perform intensive keyword research to rank you on the first page of Google. Being able to perform keyword research will identify what are the most highly searched keywords on the Google Search Engine.

Following that, SEO Consultants will ensure that your web pages are optimized to rank for these keywords.

Good SEO Consultants are able to rank you for short tail keywords while the average SEO Consultants may only be able to rank you for long tail keywords.

Often times, short tail keywords are more competitive as they are more highly searched in the Google Search Engine. Long tail keywords are way easier to rank for due to low search volume.

Good SEO Consultants rank their own websites to prove themselves

SEO Consultants that are able to rank for competitive SEO Keywords are what differentiates an average SEO Consultant with a competent SEO Consultant.

If an SEO consultant is truly as good as he or she claims to be, then surely he or she should be found online using the Google Search Engine for keywords like “SEO Services Singapore“, or “SEO Singapore”, which are extremely competitive search terms.

On the other hand, if these consultants cannot even rank their own pages, what makes you think they can rank you for your own page?

Snippet of Swift Turn Marketing ranking #1 for a SEO Keyword.

Good SEO Consultants have testimonials from other clients to back their claims

Good SEO Consultants would have testimonials to prove that other clients of theirs have benefited from their service.

For instance, they have a portfolio of sites to show you that they have successfully ranked for competitive keywords across a range of industries.

Competent SEO Consultants should also have good testimonials and reviews from other clients. These clients should give positive reviews about their SEO Account Managers.

If other clients are already giving negative reviews about them, they are likely not offering that great of service after all.

Good SEO Consultants understands conversion rate optimization

A good SEO Consultant is able to identify how to better optimize one’s website to convert.

Several elements such as call-to-action buttons, floating widgets, landing pages, social proofs and Facebook Re-targeting are just several aspects of being able to convert better.

By being able to re-target on visitors who have come across your website before using Facebook Advertisements, you have a higher chance of being able to convert a lead to a client.

Good SEO Consultants perform a thorough SEO technical audit for clients

Before hiring an SEO Consultant, they should be able to perform an SEO audit for your website.

They will go through ranking factors such as the On Page SEO elements which includes:

  • Secured Socket Layer Certificate
  • Appropriate heading tags
  • URL structure
  • Optimizing for user’s search intent

Good SEO Consultants will also point out Off Page SEO elements such as:

  • Local Map Citations
  • Consistent Name, Address and Phone Number throughout the web
  • Number of Referring Domains to your site

What you can expect from an SEO Consultant

After hiring an SEO Consultant, they should be in constant communication while managing your SEO campaigns.

It is an indicator of how the SEO consultant manages your accounts. They should give you reports such as ranking updates, links being built, traffic volume increase reports and content that has been added to your website.

These could usually come in the form of a PDF report that contains all the work being performed on your website.

In other cases, SEO Consultants use project management software such as Basecamp and Trello Boards.

The expected results from hiring an SEO Consultant.

Cost of hiring an SEO Consultant

Hiring an SEO Consultant in Singapore can range anywhere between $1000 a month all the way to $5000 a month.

The reason for such a huge price deviation is because of the difference in scope of work. It all depends on the industry you are in. If you are attempting to rank for a competitive keyword, the scope of work is larger and the time being spent on your account would be greater.

If you are ranking for a less competitive keyword, the scope would be lower and the time spent on your account is lower as well.

That explains the huge price deviation.


Before hiring an SEO consultant, it is highly recommended that you do your due diligence and background checks of the companies they are representing.

Compare between the packages and pricing all the companies are offering before intending to hire one.

We wish you all the best for your digital marketing campaigns!

Talk to an SEO consultant in Singapore now!

Jim Ng is an SEO Consultant in Singapore that handles digital marketing campaigns for clients.

Unlike any other companies in Singapore, we are the only company that offers a free keyword ranking to demonstrate our ability to rank your pages, before embarking on an SEO Campaign.

These are our own results for our own website’s SEO rankings. It may not be the best as we have been around for less than 6 months, but we are en route to achieving number 1 for all competitive SEO terms.

KeywordAverage Monthly SearchesRanking
Johor SEO10Number 1
SEO Johor Bahru40Number 6
SEO Packages Singapore140Number 4
SEO Expert Singapore340Number 3
SEO Services Singapore3000Number 38

If you would like to speak to Jim, feel free to click on the button below to book a time with him.

Top 12 SEO Companies Based In Singapore

Top 12 SEO Companies Based In Singapore

Top 12 SEO Companies Facebook Thumbnail
We’ll share with you the top 12 SEO companies in Singapore. You’ll know which SEO company to pick after reading this article!

Looking for the best SEO company to serve your digital marketing needs?

Wondering which company you should place your trust in? Fear not, in this article, we have covered the top 12 SEO experts from SEO Companies you can place your trust in.

We have written this article objectively to ensure that there is no bias! None of the companies shown in the article has paid us for any placement.

Callum Sherwood, Technical Director, First Page Digital

Website: First Page Digital

Office Number: 6270 2193

Address: 144 Robinson Rd, #20-01, Singapore 068908

Callum serves as the technical director of First Page Digital. As the brains behind the technical aspects of SEO for the company, Callum’s expertise in SEO dates back to 10 years ago. Having started his SEO journey as a teenager, he has clocked more than 10 years of expertise in SEO.

While having ranked on the first page for extremely competitive terms like “Singapore SEO“, “SEO Singapore” and “Singapore SEO Services“, Callum is arguably one of the most knowledgable and respected SEO experts in Singapore.

Tom Koh, CEO, Media One Business Group

Website: Media One Marketing

Office Number: 6789 9852

Address: 40B Tras St, #03-00, Singapore 078979

Tom started his journey with Media One Marketing in March 2016. Having a strong background in marketing and sales, he has held many leadership positions in well-established companies such as Singapore Press Holdings and Thomson Reuters. While holding these leadership positions, he has successfully brought in more than millions worth of profits for these companies.

Tom now assembles the best possible team members for his SEO agency and has an impeccable eye for hiring the best talent to scale his SEO agency.

Alan Koh, Principal Consultant, Impossible Marketing

Website: Impossible Marketing

Office Number: 9374 0111

Address: 14A Yan Kit Rd, Singapore 088266

Alan is the living epitome of showing how he turned “IMPOSSIBLE” to “I M Possible”. Having ranked #1 for extremely competitive terms such as “SEO Singapore“, “Singapore SEO” and “SEO Services Singapore“, Alan’s roots in SEO dates way back before 2012.

Being a former banker, Alan’s entrepreneurial spirit earned him the Spirit Of Enterprise award back in 2016. Having served many clients such as Singtel, SIM, and NTU, Alan is one that walks the talk and doesn’t just simply claim he is an SEO expert.

Jon Ng, Principal Consultant, Novatise

Website: Novatise

Office Number: 3157 9168

Address: 11 Beach Road, #03-02 , Crasco Building, Singapore, 189675

Having founded his digital marketing agency in 2014, Jon is one that proves that he places his clients’ needs as his number one priority. He actively engages in a deep understanding of his clients’ needs before implementing holistic digital marketing solutions.

One that never fails to produce great content writing, Novatise has served many notable SMEs such as Red White Mobile, ISO Home Care, and Hot Tomato.

Amin Yusoff, Founder, Glass Box Marketing Consultancy

Website: Glass Box Marketing Consultancy

Office Number: 8218 1144

Address: No.7 Mandai Link , Mandai Connection #03-10, Singapore 728653

Initially starting off as a freelance Facebook Advertiser, Amin has now grown and scaled his digital marketing agency, Glass Box Marketing Consultancy to serve their SEO needs.

One that started off his career as a young entrepreneur, Amin has an entrepreneurial drive that understands managing his clients’ accounts well. He believes in only working with clients he can help, rather than serving any client that walks through his door.

Nate Wang, Founder, AskNateWang

Website: Ask Nate Wang

Office Number: 9325 9005

Address: 50 Chin Swee Rd, #09-04, Singapore 169874

With more than a decade of experience in Digital Marketing, Nate has a deep understanding of SEO. With more than $3,700 monthly worth of Paid Ads Traffic received on his agency website, www.asknatewang.com, Nate shows that he has deep expertise and backs his claims of being an expert in digital marketing by serving multiple clients such as American Express, Yahoo, Starhub, and Genting.

Ted Chong, Founder, Ice Cube Marketing

Website: Ice Cube Marketing

Office Number: 9190 1520

Address: 1003 Bukit Merah Central, #07-11 Inno centre, Singapore 159836

While not being only academically inclined by graduating with 1st class honors from Nanyang Technological University, Ted has gone on to show that his entrepreneurial drive and creativity has taken his marketing expertise to huge echelons. Having grown his digital agency by leaps and bounds, Ted regularly films insightful marketing videos and shares them on his agency’s Facebook page, along with his LinkedIn profile.

Besides working with governmental agencies such as ACRA and Ministry Of Manpower, Ted serves many SMEs in Singapore such as PSBAcademy and Dian Xiao Er.

Mohamad Latiff , SEO Ninja, 33 Degrees Pte Ltd

Website: Night Owl

Email Address: [email protected]

Address: 2 Venture Dr, #15-06 Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526

Latiff is one that backs his claims as an SEO Ninja with rankings. While ranking on the first page of Google for terms like “SEO Singapore”, “SEO Expert Singapore” and many more, Latiff practices SEO Strategies that work by building content on his clients’ sites.

Few of his many clients include EZB Pte Ltd and Dream Wedding Singapore. He has gone on to successfully ranked them on the 1st page of Google for keywords relating to their businesses.

Joei Huang, Founder and Lead Strategist, SEO With Joei

Website: SEO With Joei

Office Number: 6408 3885

Address: #02-01 One Fullerton, 1 Fullerton Rd, 049213

Joei currently ranks on the first page of Google for the keyword “Singapore SEO Consultant”. He regularly blogs on his site https://seo.joei.sg and discusses Google algorithms that affect ranking on Google.

With an analytical and innovative mind, Joei now serves clients from his fancy office at #02-01 One Fullerton, 1 Fullerton Rd, 049213, Singapore. You can reach him at 6408 3885.

Ian Cheow, Co-Founder and CEO, OOM Pte Ltd

Website: OOM

Office Number: 6391 0930

Address: 141 Middle Rd, #05-04 GSM Building, Singapore 188976

The Co-Founder of OOM, a multiple award-winning agency that has served more than 900 clients is no stranger to SEO. With more than 13 years of experience in digital marketing and SEO, Ian manages his agency that has more than 35 Employees.

While being able to assemble the greatest team of internet marketers, Ian doesn’t shy away from being outspoken, while being an “introvert-extrovert”.

Jamie Cheng, Co-Founder, Digital Alpha Agency

Website: Digital Alpha Agency

Office Number: 8188 4047

Address: 573 Pasir Ris Street 53, #02-28, Singapore 510573

Jamie is an extremely young and talented entrepreneur. Having been featured on Entrepreneur.com, theindependent.sg and yp.sg, Jamie provides insightful articles into entrepreneurship and marketing.

With a specialized niche in serving the health and fitness niche in the digital marketing niche, she strives for excellence by delivering excellent results for her clients.

With a fast-growing digital agency, she never stops learning and constantly keeps herself updated with digital trends.

As a young entrepreneur at the age of 22, she has achieved what many could only dream to achieve, to be a successful digital agency owner.

Jim Ng, SEO Specialist, Swift Turn Marketing

Website: Swift Turn Marketing

Office Number: 9231 3757

Address: 7 Temasek Boulevard Suntec Tower One, #12-07, Singapore 038987

An internet marketer that obtained his passion for digital marketing through watching YouTube videos, Jim started Swift Turn Marketing with only one goal.

To be a premier business consultant for companies that want to take their businesses to the next level. Having developed his SEO Expertise from attending SEO courses, Jim holds 1st to 2nd-page positions for keywords such as “SEO Expert Singapore“, “Facebook Advertising Singapore“, “SEO Johor Bahru” and “SEO Packages Singapore”.

As someone that believes in life long education, he believes that self-education is way more important than formal education.


Before engaging an SEO company to engage in your services, be sure to check out all the aforementioned SEO experts. Perform a comparison between all the packages that are being offered before deciding who to work with.

Cheers to your digital marketing success!

Guide to Local SEO in Singapore

Guide to Local SEO in Singapore

Guide To Local SEO in Singapore Thumbnail
Performing local SEO in Singapore is not tough. We’ll share with you how to do it!

What is local SEO?

So what is local SEO? How is it any different from normal SEO? The difference lies in the user search intent.

After Google’s Pigeon Update, the websites of some local businesses started to surge in rankings.

This is because Google wants to return search results based on the user’s search intent and so on.

Chances are, when user searches for a service such as plumbing or chiropractic services, they’ll add a town name into it.

Examples include: “Admiralty Hair Salon”, “Bukit Batok Massage” and “Bukit Gombak Clinic”.

Local SEO ensures that your business will appear at the top of Google’s Search Engine results when someone is looking for a particular service at that specified town.

How to perform local SEO?

Here comes the million dollar question. How on earth does on perform local SEO, in order to dominate the search engines?

Maintain quality content on your website

The first step is to produce quality content. By ensuring that you have great content on your web page, containing all the answers for what users are searching for, your rankings are more sustainable and will live longer in the search engines’ results.

In addition to having high-quality links pointing to your web page, content is a long-term asset that lives on the internet forever. By ensuring that you have updated content living on your site, Google can detect that your webpage is widely regarded as a relevant search result to what users are searching for.

Updated content creates the evergreen effect that Google loves. Instead of having long-form content that is repeated by other web pages, updated and fresh content gives Google the signal that your web page is well-maintained, therefore allowing you to rank higher on the search engines.

Setup Your Google My Business Profile

Setting Up Google My Business
It is important to setup your Google My Business page, so that you will appear in the maps section of local map listings.

The second step is to setup your Google My Business Page.

You can claim your Google My Business page here: https://www.google.com/business/

Setup your Google My Business page for free, without having to pay a single cent.

This allows your business to appear on Google with a Name, Address and Phone Number, giving Google a signal that you are an established local business.

By doing so, it will allow your web pages to rank higher on Google.

Be sure to add as many photos as you can to your Google My Business Profile, which adds a lot more accreditation to your profile. This makes your business more trustworthy in Google’s eyes, which allows you to rank higher on the search engine as well.

Introduce More Local Map Citations Across The Internet

Using Local Map Citations for SEO
It is important to ensure that you have a consistent Name, Address and Phone Number being mentioned in directory listings across the internet.

In order to increase your chances of appearing in local map listings, it is important for web pages across the internet to mention your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP).

According to Moz.com, it is crucial that you obtain quality local citations across the internet.

As local map citations can positively and negatively impact your search rankings, you only want quality citations from established directory listings such as Hotfrog, Apple Maps, and Yelp.

These are trusted and authoritative sites that will boost your chances of ranking in the Google Maps Listings.

Rank #1 on Google with Swift Turn Marketing
Rank #1 on Google with Swift Turn Marketing today!

Manage Your Online Reputation Well

It is crucial that you protect your online reputation.

If your business have terrible reviews on Facebook and Google, such as a 2 Star review , it is very difficult to have customers to come to your business despite you being able to rank #1 on Google for a keyword.

Ensure that your online reputation is well managed, and customers leave positive reviews whenever they visit your establishment.

Produce Unique Content For Your Webpage

After Google’s Panda Update in 2011, websites with duplicate and thin content is heavily penalized.

Make sure that the content on your website is not plagiarized. If the content being produced is outsourced from someone else, make sure that you check your content by using Copyscape.

Google loves fresh and unique content. If you copy and paste a wall of text from somebody else’s website, you won’t be able to rank on Google!

Fast Website Loading Speed

According to Neil Patel, 47% of website visitors expect websites to load in no less than 2 seconds.

Make sure that your website loads quickly so that website visitors don’t simply bounce off and go to your competitor’s page.

It is so important to optimize the whole user experience, which will significantly contribute to users staying on your site, and ultimately converting to being a client.

Have A Mobile Responsive Page

According to Google Webmaster Central Blog, having a mobile responsive website will be a ranking factor. Make sure that your website can be viewed by mobile phones and not just desktops.

Besides, more than 50 percent of Google Searches are done by mobile devices. You definitely want to ensure that your page is mobile responsive and show up well on somebody’s mobile phone.

Ensure a high click-through rate

As documented by Moz.com, Click-through rate is a huge ranking factor in affecting your search rankings. So how does one ensure a high click-through rate?

Well, one way is to make sure that you have top quality content on your website so that people are able to find what they are looking for.

In addition, if you have a catchy title and meta description, people are more enticed to click on your website as opposed to others’ in the Google Search Engine Results Pages.

Internal Linking Structure

Make sure that you have a good internal linking structure on your page. Have a good mix of outbound links and inbound links spread across your webpage.

This will ensure that you pass the relevant link juice back to your web page, which will enable you to rank higher on the Google Search Engines.


If you would like to engage a professional SEO agency to help you out with your local SEO, contact us at 9231 3757 for a free quotation today.

SEO Expert in Singapore – Jim Ng

SEO Expert in Singapore – Jim Ng

SEO Expert Singapore
SEO Expert Jim Ng, performs digital marketing services for companies and businesses in Singapore.

Let an SEO Expert explain to you what Search Engine Optimization is about

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to being able to rank on the first page of Google without having to pay a single cent. It is the opposite of advertising, meaning that you do not have to spend a single marketing dollar to appear on the Google Search Engine Results Pages.

An example is to be able to rank for keywords like “Singapore SEO”. The monthly search volume is at around 1,400. An SEO Expert would be able to rank for competitive keywords like these.

The following is a guideline on how you should select a Singapore SEO expert to help you rank your pages on Google.

An SEO Expert knows how Google search algorithms work

SEO experts should have no trouble pointing out what works in order to appear on the top of Search Engines, and what doesn’t.

Several examples of these include:

Title Tags: Title tags are what appear when users search on the Google Search Engine. They are essentially what the user first come across once they perform a search. A good guideline is that title tags should not exceed 65 characters. There cannot be duplicate title tags across your website.

Heading Tags: Heading tags are in the form of <h1>,<h2> and so forth. They in the form of HTML codes. Each page should only have one <h1> tag and they can have as many other heading tags. However, one key thing to note is that the heading tags should be arranged in a neat manner, such as transitioned from <h1> to <h2>, and not from <h1> to <h3>. You should never rely on heading tags to adjust the font size of the text. Google reads heading tags to semantically understand the content of a web page.

Page Speed: As recently announced in 2018, Google looks at page speed as a crucial ranking factor when it comes to ranking a web page. Ensure that your web page is able to load quickly by checking out how at Google Pagespeed Insights.

Latent Semantic Indexing: The content on your web page should include many synonyms of the keyword they would like to rank for. For example, “Singapore SEO” and “SEO Services Singapore” are synonyms, and they mean nearly the same thing. The users’ search intent behind searching for the keywords are the same.

Optimizing for search intent: It is extremely important to understand that you should be writing content based on a user’s search intent. The Google Search Engine algorithms are designed to rank pages which match a user’s search intent. Therefore, always try to understand the reason behind a person’s Google search before crafting out relevant content.

Rank #1 on Google with an SEO Expert
Rank #1 on Google with SEO Expert Jim Ng!

An SEO Expert walks the talk by ranking their own pages

Many SEO Experts claim that they are good at SEO. You should ask them to show you results for their own pages. If they are unable to rank their own pages for competitive keywords, what makes you think they can do it for you?

For instance, Ruan Marinho from Develomark is able to rank his own agency’s website. He currently ranks #1 for competitive terms like New York SEO. Besides that, he also ranks on the first page for “Ubersuggest”.

An SEO expert knows how to do keyword research related to Singapore

An SEO Expert like XESIV Digital should be able to use keyword research tools such as Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush.

Keyword research is extremely important in order to ensure the success of SEO campaigns.

You can easily do that by ensuring that there are high search volumes for the keywords that businesses are targetting. For instance, “custom t-shirt singapore” has a search volume of 480 monthly, whereas “instant t shirt printing singapore” only has 240 monthly searches.

An SEO Expert has deep understanding of On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

On Page and Off Page are two very critical components of SEO.

It is crucial for you to understand these two terms to rank on Google.

On Page SEO refers to anything within the control of your websites, such as content writing, internal linking structure, URL structure, title tags, heading tags and secured socket layer certificate.

Off Page SEO refers to anything outside the control of your websites, such as backlinks, social signals, press releases and reputation management.

SEO Consultants should gear towards helping their clients build top quality content on their web pages before moving towards Off Page SEO components.

An SEO expert knows the difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is often frowned upon because it is unethical. Many SEO Consultants employ this technique to help bring results for their clients. However, if discovered by Google, it could result in serious consequences. In some cases, Google may even take down the website from the Search Engine Results Pages.

Some examples of black hat SEO include buying high authority domain backlinks and using invisible text to include keywords into your web page.

White Hat SEO is the natural means of performing SEO. They are ethical and abide by Google’s Search Engine guidelines.

An ethical digital marketing agency like www.jumadigital.com.au performs White Hat SEO for their clients. This ensures a long term growth strategy for clients.

An SEO Expert should be confident in digital marketing

An SEO Expert should have a strong grasp of digital marketing. After all, SEO is only one component of digital marketing.

If used well with other tactics such as Facebook Advertising to re-target consumers, SEO is an extremely strong and powerful tool to market to consumers.

An SEO Expert explains 3 biggest issues you may face with incompetency

Lack Of Results

If the SEO Consultant you work with is incompetent and does not deliver you any results, you will see your rankings on Google remain stagnant.

Many consultants in Singapore claim that they are an expert in the field of SEO, but when you ask them to show rankings of their own, they can’t show any.

How can someone be an expert in something and yet have nothing to show for? In these scenarios, chances are, they are incompetent and are unable to deliver you results.

No Communication And Updates

SEO Specialists should always remain in constant communication with their clients. After all, we’ve been engaged as professionals to run SEO campaigns for our clients.

Several past clients who have decided to work with us mentioned that they chose to do a switch from a previous SEO agency due to a lack of reporting and updates.

In some cases, the clients didn’t even hear from their SEO Consultant for 3 months! No updates and no communication was made in an effort to update the clients on their results.

Poor Conversion Rates

There are times when SEO Consultants are able to deliver results and rank them on the first page of Google. Following that, the website traffic grew.

Unfortunately, despite the growth in website traffic, the conversions rate remain the same.

This is usually due to a poor design in User Interface and User Experience, resulting in a lack of conversions.

Competent SEO Consultants will work together with an experienced User Experience Specialist to ensure that clients will convert on the web page.

An SEO Expert Explains The 3 Biggest Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your SEO

Economies Of Scale

By engaging an SEO expert as a service provider, you no longer have to keep tabs on hiring an in-house SEO Specialist and pay them a salary each month.

It’s not cheap to hire staffs in Singapore, especially an experienced SEO marketer.

By engaging a marketing agency or an SEO Consultant to work on your projects, you will save yourself thousands of dollars, while being able to leverage on the expertise of a professional SEO agency.

Lower Cost

Let’s make a comparison.

Hiring a staff usually costs between $3000 to $6000 monthly, depending on their experience and competence.

Working with an SEO agency usually costs between $1000 to $3000 monthly, depending on the scope of the project.

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s cheaper to engage an SEO agency to manage your projects?

Higher Return On Investment

As a result of lower costs, you’ll be able to obtain a higher return on investment.

Take for instance, your investment in a SEO project is merely $1000, but you’re able to obtain $5000 in return on investment due to a surge in website traffic conversions. Your return on investment is effectively $4000.

On the other hand, your investment in hiring an in-house SEO Specialist is $3000, but you’re able to obtain only $5000 in return on investments with growth in website traffic. Your return on investment is only $2000.

Wouldn’t you agree that hiring an SEO Agency scales better as compared to hiring an in-house SEO Specialist?

Jim Ng The SEO Expert in Singapore

An SEO Expert Explains His SEO Methodologies

Tested And Proven SEO Strategy

As a professional SEO Agency, we walk the talk and are ranked #3 for the keyword “Singapore SEO Expert”. Don’t believe me?

Go ahead, type in the keyword in Google and you’ll find us as the 3rd result on Google.

Ethical White Hat SEO Agency

At Swift Turn Marketing, we only perform White Hat SEO strategies. White Hat SEO refers to sustainable, content building strategies that allow for your web page to rank on the first page of Google.

Other SEO experts may use unscrupulous methods and aggressive tactics such as Black Hat SEO, link building through Private Blog Networks to deliver results.

These are usually unsustainable and there is a possibility that your web page will never appear on the Google Search Engine anymore as a result of using Black Hat SEO.

Thus, it is highly recommended that you work together with your SEO Consultant to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Monthly Reporting And Updates

Our SEO Campaign Managers actively keep in touch with our clients. This ensures that there is a two-way communication, and our clients are kept in the loop.

The reporting and updates includes the following:
1. A keyword ranking report
2. SEO processes and work flow that we have done with your site
3. Competitors’ analysis

An SEO Expert Or A Freelancer From Overseas, which is better?

Budget Concerns

In order to answer that question, you have to ask yourself this.

Are you looking for results, or are you looking for a cheaper price?

If your answer is a cheaper price, but you’re okay if the results are sub-optimal, then you’re likely better off engaging a SEO Freelancer from overseas.

On the other hand, if you want results, you’re likely better off working with an SEO agency that has the full suite of resources to execute your SEO campaigns.

SEO Agencies work in a team full of SEO Experts and this allows for them to exchange ideas and come up with strategies that allow your website to be fully optimized for rankings on Google.

Delivery Of Results

Have you ever wondered why it’s cheaper to outsource to SEO freelancers from overseas countries?

Professional SEO agencies understand that in order to execute quality campaigns, a certain amount of budget is required.

These budgets could be used to obtain quality press releases, guest posting and even professionally written articles.

They are all essential elements in order for your website to be ranked higher on Google.

With a lower budget, the quality of these items MAY be lower as well.

Communication Issues

Have you ever communicated with someone on the phone from India, Thailand, Vietnam or Malaysia before?

Do you ever feel like you’ve difficulties trying to understand what they’re articulating due to their thick accent?

Note this, I have nothing against all these people from these countries.

At times, I have such a difficult time trying to understand them when I’m trying to speak with them over the phone.

On the other hand, if you were to work with me, a born and bred Singaporean, we can speak freely in our own comfortable ways of a true blue Singaporean.

So tell me this, which would you prefer?

A Singaporean that connects well with you, or someone from other countries that you may have difficulties communicating with?


When choosing an SEO agency in Singapore, you should always find someone trustworthy. You can check the credentials of the SEO expert, such as clients’ testimonials, website rankings, and company background.

This will reduce disappointment and having to switch to another SEO agency when the consultant you hire is unable to bring you any results.

Jim Ng – The SEO Expert in Singapore

The founder of Swift Turn Marketing, Jim Ng has ranked for several keywords on the #1 position of Google Search Engine Results Pages.

SEO Expert Singapore Search Engine Results Page
Results do not lie. You can search the term shown in the picture for yourself, and you will be able to find that we are ranked #3 on the Google Search Engine.

We have also ranked for the following keywords:

KeywordSearch Volume MonthlyPosition On Google
Johor SEO101
SEO Johor Bahru406
SEO Packages Singapore1704
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SEO Services Pricing Singapore72027
Local SEO Singapore14026

and this is just the beginning of fewer than 2 months of work. We can assure you we will be ranked #1 for all these terms on the Google Search Engine results pages shortly.

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