Social Media Marketing Advertisements  are nothing new. Nevertheless, neither is Facebook Advertising.

From Jan 2017 to Jan 2018, the number of active mobile social media users in Singapore grew by 400,000 users. Most noteworthy, there are 4.8 million users, up from 4.4 million users.

(Source: Hootsuite)

To begin with, 4.8 million users is a large market to tap on.

However, not every person on social media is your ideal customer.

Additionally, you have to sieve out the qualified customers that are willing to buy what you have to offer. 
In other words, use detailed targeting.

For instance, if you are selling facial treatments, sell to someone that has interests in skincare.

Thus, indicate in the Facebook Ad Demographics that you want your ad to be shown to someone with interest in skincare.
As a result, your conversions will be a lot better.

Besides, with such an astonishing number of people on Social Media, what will happen if your competitors already target them?

Do you think you stand a chance if you don’t leverage on Social Media Marketing in Singapore?

Thus, start using Social Media ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to your advantage!

Above all, watch the following video to find out how to create a Facebook Ad!

Social Media Marketing

2. Get existing customers to leave reviews on Facebook Page

Why are Facebook reviews so important? Think about this, the literacy rate in Singapore is 97%.
(Source: Hootsuite)

Additionally, consumers are extremely savvy these days. What are the odds of Singaporeans wanting to speak to a sleazy salesperson? It is certainly low.

Likewise, savvy consumers want to do research on social media by themselves. First of all, they want to Google you. Subsequently, they check your Facebook. After that, they check your Instagram.

In short, they love to find out about the reviews. Consequently, check the social proof before they make a purchase.

As a result, with such savvy consumerism in Singapore, do you think the traditional sales method still work effectively?

Thus, start by getting your existing customers to leave a review on your Facebook right now. Social Media Marketing in Singapore begins with reviews.

In summary, create that social proof required to prove you are the best.

Facebook Ads Singapore
Social Media Marketing Singapore

3. Grow your Social Media Presence with interesting content

To sum the diagram up, Singaporeans spend an average of 2 hours and 6 mins on Social Media Daily.
(Source: Hootsuite)

Wow. That is an astonishing number isn’t it? 2 Hours and 6 mins of our lives on Social Media daily. Doesn’t 2 hours and 6 mins of time where you can pitch your consumer a product sound amazing? Imagine you have a 24-hour salesperson pitching your products for you even as you sleep. How does that sound?

Hence, you need to have interesting content that people are willing to engage with. Social Media Marketing in Singapore is all about creating content people love.

Additionally, they want to be understood. In other words, you need to make your audience resonate with your content.

For instance, if you are selling real estate, think about how you can provide value by educating your customers on how to save on mortgage loans.
Such videos would see a greater response.

“How to pay off a 30-year mortgage in 5 years” is definitely more powerful than “Will you like to sell your home? I am a real estate agent.”

Social Media

4. Optimize your Social Media Pages through a simple call-to-action

In addition, optimize your social media pages by providing a call to action for users on your Facebook Page. An example is shown here.

Social Media Marketing in Singapore is all about conversions. The more times you can get customers to convert, the better.

Similarly, by having a simple call to action on your Facebook cover page, you allow visitors on your Facebook page to take action.

Obviously, you want your visitors to either go to a landing page or your website.

Finally, that is where you introduce a compelling offer. This way, you get more traffic to your landing page as well. It is that simple. Try it.

Social Media Pages

5. Create a way for people to arrange a time with you online

In summary, 59% of the population prefers to complete tasks digitally whenever possible. (Source: Hootsuite)

Thus, if you are in the service business, use web applications that allow you to arrange appointments with your customers.

For instance, I personally like to use Calendly to set appointments with my clients.

In addition, it synchronizes with your Google Calendar as well. The best part of all, it is free!

On the other hand, if you sell products, create a shopping cart for people to buy from you online that is redirected from the Social Media Marketing platforms in Singapore.

Hence, get a website equipped with shopping carts for your customers to place orders! Consumers want products and services instantly. They want it quick. 

In a nutshell, by going through digital marketing platforms, it ensures that consumers can have their order placed seamlessly.

Furthermore, there is less back and forth communication through a phone call. Ultimately, less room for error.

In summary, with 59% of the people preferring digital platforms, you need a digital way for them to book a time with you.

Digital Marketing Singapore
Singapore Marketing

6. Create an online community in your Facebook Page

Singaporeans spend an average of 2 hours and 6 mins on Social Media Daily. An astonishing number, don’t you think?
(Source: Hootsuite)

Singaporeans love to interact with one another in a community. Take Seedly for example, what explains their success? They have created a large community who are interested in personal finances. There are active group members interacting in that group every day.

Therefore, you need a strong social media presence, along with an active community in order to be successful with your Social Media Marketing in Singapore.

Similarly, Singaporeans use the internet so much that they live and breathe the internet. Even if you don’t tap on your social media, with Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads, you’ll be able to capitalize on the internet.

But again, social media is what counts. Social Media Marketing in Singapore is what builds your brand. The customer reviews, the trust, and engagement.

Take a look at Seedly’s Facebook Group. They have 13,944 members, as compared to 10,000 Likes on their Facebook Page. 

What does this tell you?

Henceforth, it is critical for Facebook Users to be engaged in a group, rather than just your business page. Think about ways you can create a community and implement it in your business.

Digital Marketing Singapore
Community Marketing Singapore

7. Tap on Social Media Influencers

There are 52.5 million video views monthly on YouTube just from Singapore alone. Each time, users spend 26 minutes and 47 seconds on average.
(Source: Hootsuite)

This should come as no surprise. Singaporeans love to binge watch videos. With big Social Media Marketing influencers in Singapore such as Jian Hao Tan, Clicknetwork and Night Owl Cinematics, it is no wonder that there are 52.5 million video views on YouTube.

Hence, ask your self these questions. How can you leverage on these Singapore Social Media Marketing influencers to boost your business? Think about that.

As a result, working with a Social Media Marketing influencer can dramatically increase your brand’s awareness and following in Singapore.

Although costly, imagine the Return On Investment this will bring for your business.

Additionally, watch the video to find out deeper why consumers value influencers’ opinion so much.

Influencer Marketing

8. Use YouTube to your advantage by providing value first.

68% of internet users watch videos online every day.
(Source: Hootsuite)

If 68% of internet users watch videos online every day, why not use that to your advantage? Does your business even have a YouTube channel?

Do you frequently post videos on Social Media Platforms? Have you engaged your audience?

Also, stop promoting any type of product, focus on creating awareness of your business first. This is critical because you don’t want to appear to be selling anything.

In summary, you want to appear on Social Media Marketing Platforms as a value provider in Singapore. Not a salesperson. That way, you will have an easier time converting them.

Additionally, watch this video by Ruan to find out how to effectively convert your customers, and how to deliver value first.

Online Video Marketing

9. Use YouTube SEO to rank your YouTube Videos.

Of all the surveyed users, 71% claim they use YouTube, 70% claim they use Facebook and 44% claim they use Instagram.
(Source: Hootsuite)

Therefore, use this to your advantage. Create a YouTube channel. Grow your brand and business on YouTube.

In addition, use YouTube Search Engine Optimization to your advantage so that Singaporeans can search for your content. Be different from other companies.

Also, do not plagiarize other companies’ content and using them. You need to be unique and different. Give your customers a reason to do business with you.

In summary, Social Media Marketing is nothing more than consumers trusting your brand in Singapore.

Watch this video to find out more about YouTube SEO.

YouTube Marketing

10. Use Paid Media to complement your Organic Growth

Think about this for a moment. If your competitors are paying for media presence, why shouldn’t you?

If your competitor is already doing it and you are not, do you think you stand a chance to have a greater presence than them?

You need to start paying for some sort of Facebook Ads, Google PPC, or YouTube Ads for you to hold the market share. Otherwise, your competitors will steal your market share!

Hence, Social Media Marketing is too competitive for you not to pay in Singapore. 

In a nutshell, if you do not pay, your competitors will appear more than you on Facebook Feeds, Google Searches, Instagram Stories and Feeds. They will crush you.

11. Write articles delivering value to your customers

Only 4.26% of Facebook Page Posts received some form of engagement.
(Source: Hootsuite)

Yes, only 4.26%. What does this tell you? It means you need to create engaging content and click-bait material for consumers to view your content.

As a result, gone are the days with “Now only at $ 19.90, Usual Price: $25.90” kind of marketing.

Ultimately, you need to deliver value in advance first. You need to be worthy of their clicks in the first place. Look at the following offer.

For instance, imagine you are a real estate broker. You need to share tips and tricks on how to save on mortgage loans first. Deliver that value.

Thus, once your prospects trust you, they see a reason to buy from you. They see you as the expert and not another salesperson.

In summary, creating engaging content in Singapore delivers value to your clients through Social Media Marketing. 

Facebook Marketing
Content Marketing

12. Hire a professional Social Media Marketing Agency in Singapore

As Singapore Social Media’s Marketing landscape is extremely competitive, it is recommended that you hire a professional Singapore Social Media Marketing Agency in Singapore to manage your Social Media Presence.

The following video describes using Social Media Marketing as a means of growing your business, which is what my agency specializes in.

If you would like to work with a professional Singapore Social Media Marketing Agency, click on the button below to find out more.

3 Ways Social Media Marketing benefit any business in Singapore

Increased effectiveness through more awareness

As seen above, with the growing number of people who use social media, it is nearly impossible to get your prospect interested in what you have to offer without using social media.

Social Media makes prospects want to buy from you, instead of you wanting to sell them something

In contrast, you could hire a salesman to help you sell your products and services. Additionally, you could hire a telemarketer to help you sell your products or services.

But is that really effective though? What is the conversion rate through using those tactics?

How many times have you got rejected from the prospect through roadshows or street prospecting because they have absolutely no interest in what you have to offer?

How many times have the prospect shown absolutely no interest in what you have to say when you gave them a cold call?

Likewise, how many times have you got a door slammed in your face when you tried to do a door-to-door sale?

You see, the problem with traditional sales tactics is that people have absolutely no interest in what you want to offer them.

As a result, there isn’t even any form of desire for them to buy what you have to offer.

Targeted offers to the right audience

Thus, with Social Media Marketing in Singapore, you can target the right audience.

For example, I could target a female who is between 25-50 years old, who earns above $100,000 SGD every year and is happily married with 2 kids, with an interest in traveling.

I can go on and let her see my offer of a Family Vacation Package to Hawaii during the Christmas Holidays for $2500.

Aren’t the chances of her buying my Vacation Package higher than me trying to sell this package to somebody who shows zero interest in what I have to offer on the streets or cold calls? Does this make sense to you?

In addition, she can very well afford it because she makes more than $100,000 USD a year.

Furthermore, she is highly capable of traveling since she is between 25-50 years old. She’s not too old until she has difficulties moving and she is not too young that it is unsafe for her.

All in all, she has an interest in traveling and would love to buy what I have to offer, a traveling package to Hawaii.

Therefore, do you see where this is going? I have positioned myself correctly. It is very powerful.

Thus,  Social Media Marketing can do what traditional sales cannot in Singapore.  

Gone are the days of door to door sales, cold calls and roadshows. 

3 Mistakes a Singapore Social Media Marketing Agency make

Trying to sell your product or service right off the bat

Many Singapore Social Media Marketing Agencies make the mistake of trying to publish an advertisement to directly sell something.

The problem with that is that consumers who see your brand or business or the first time don’t know you.

They don’t trust you, they don’t know you and they don’t like you.

Furthermore, they don’t even want to think about you.

Failure to provide value in advance

In order to market your products and services successfully, you need to provide value in advance first.

Say, for instance, you are a beauty salon, you need to deliver value to the prospect first.

Think about how can you offer them something for free?
For instance, it could be in the form of a video, a blog article, and a facial mask.

Therefore, only after you have provided the value to your prospect, you can start promoting something.

Failure to collect leads and following up from there

As a business, the Social Media Platform is merely a stage for you to showcase your credibility. Showcase your worthiness. And showcase the value you can provide.

Likewise, by delivering that value in advance, collect the contact information of your clients first. Collect their email. From there, you can subsequently send emails to them regarding your promotions and offers. It is only after they develop trust in you, then they’re ready to do business with you.

Thus, people couldn’t care less about how amazing your product or service is if they can’t even trust you.
They will never buy from you without trust.

3 Reasons why you should outsource your Social Media Marketing in Singapore

Lack of time and commitment from business owners

You could definitely manage your own social media marketing if you wanted. However, most small businesses fail to produce amazing and interesting content for their existing customers to see.
Additionally, that is because business owners do not have time to manage all their social media platforms.

Furthermore, business owners and entrepreneurs do not have time for that.
In summary, they are busy with providing their products or services to their customers.
They lack time to produce the content required to position their business as the leading authority in their field.

Lack of quality content from business owners

Similarly, business owners are only good at a few things. Their products or services. They are unable to produce amazing graphical content. Captivating write-ups. Eye-catching videos. All these are required in order for your business to flourish.

On the contrary, a Singapore Social Media Marketing Agency has professional photographers, professional videographers and the social media management skills required for your business to be positioned correctly.

Lack of advertising analysis from business owners

Also, platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram provide the business owner with lots of analytical data on how to further market to their clients.

Hence, every business owner needs to keep constant tabs on their advertising posts in order to learn how to adjust and adapt their ads.
Thereafter, they can analyze how their social media posts perform and develop the best way to adjust in order to maximize the potential of their social media.

Looking for a skilled Singapore Social Media Marketing Agency?

At Swift Turn Marketing, we are your trusted agency in providing the service required to manage the content on your social media platforms.

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