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SEO Expert Singapore
Jim Ng is a SEO Expert based in Singapore. A born and bred Singaporean, he has mastered SEO skills through the mentor-ship of global digital marketing experts.

Let an SEO Expert explain to you what Search Engine Optimization is about

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to being able to rank on the first page of Google without having to pay a single cent. It is the opposite of advertising, meaning that you do not have to spend a single marketing dollar to appear on the Google Search Engine Results Pages.

An example is to be able to rank for keywords like “Singapore SEO”. The monthly search volume is at around 1,400. An SEO Expert would be able to rank for competitive keywords like these.

The following is a guideline on how you should select a Singapore SEO expert to help you rank your pages on Google.

An SEO Expert know how Google search algorithms work

SEO experts should have no trouble pointing out what works in order to appear on the top of Search Engines, and what doesn’t.

Several examples of these include:

Title Tags: Title tags are what appear when users search on the Google Search Engine. They are essentially what the user first come across once they perform a search. A good guideline is that title tags should not exceed 65 characters. There cannot be duplicate title tags across one’s website.

Heading Tags: Heading tags are in the form of <h1>,<h2> and so forth. They in the form of HTML codes. Each page should only have one <h1> tag and they can have as many other heading tags. However, one key thing to note is that the heading tags should be arranged in a neat manner, such as transitioned from <h1> to <h2>, and not from <h1> to <h3>. One should never rely on heading tags to adjust the font size of the text. Google reads heading tags to semantically understand the content of a web page.

Page Speed: As recently announced in 2018, Google looks at page speed as a crucial ranking factor when it comes to ranking a web page. Ensure that your web page is able to load quickly by checking out how at Google Pagespeed Insights.

Latent Semantic Indexing: The content on one’s web page should include many synonyms of the keyword they would like to rank for. For example, “Singapore SEO” and “SEO Services Singapore” are synonyms, and they mean nearly the same thing. The users’ search intent behind searching for the key word are the same.

Optimizing for search intent: It is extremely important to understand that one should be writing content based on a user’s search intent. The Google Search Engine algorithms are designed to rank pages which matches a user’s search intent. Therefore, always try to understand the reason behind one’s search before crafting out relevant content.

An SEO Expert walks the talk by ranking their own pages

Many SEO Experts claim that they are good at SEO. You should ask them to show you results for their own pages. If they are unable to rank their own pages for competitive keywords, what makes you think they can do it for you?

An SEO expert knows how to do keyword research related to Singapore

An SEO Expert should be able to use keyword research tools such as Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush.

Keyword research is extremely important in order to ensure the success of SEO campaigns.

One can easily do that by ensuring that there are high search volumes for the keywords that businesses are targetting. For instance, “custom t-shirt singapore” has a search volume of 480 monthly, whereas “instant t shirt printing singapore” only has 240 monthly searches.

An SEO Expert has deep understanding of On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

On Page and Off Page are two very critical components of SEO.

It is crucial for anyone to understand these two terms to rank on Google.

On Page SEO refers to anything within the control of one’s websites, such as content writing, internal linking structure, URL structure, title tags, heading tags and secured socket layer certificate.

Off Page SEO refers to anything outside the control of one’s website, such as backlinks, social signals, press releases and reputation management.

SEO Consultants should gear towards helping their clients build top quality content on their web pages before moving towards Off Page SEO components.

An SEO expert knows the difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is often frowned upon because it is unethical. Many SEO Consultants employ this technique to help bring results for their clients. However, if discovered by Google, it could result in serious consequences. In some cases, Google may even take down the website from the Search Engine Results Pages.

Some examples of black hat SEO include buying high authority domain backlinks and using invisible text to include keywords into one’s web page.

White Hat SEO are the natural means of performing SEO. They are ethical and abide by Google’s Search Engine guidelines.

An SEO Expert should be confident in digital marketing

An SEO Expert should have a strong grasp of digital marketing. After all, SEO is only one component of digital marketing.

If used well with other tactics such as Facebook Advertising to re-target consumers, SEO is an extremely strong and powerful tool to market to consumers.


When choosing an SEO agency in Singapore, you should always find someone trustworthy. You can check the credentials of the SEO expert, such as clients’ testimonials, website rankings, and company background.

This will reduce disappointment and having to switch to another SEO agency when the consultant you hire is unable to bring you any results.

Jim Ng – The SEO Expert in Singapore

Jim Ng is an SEO Expert representing Swift Turn Marketing, a full service digital marketing agency based in Singapore.

Jim Ng, the founder of Swift Turn Marketing has ranked for several keywords on the #1 position of Google Search Engine Results Pages

A snippet of Google Search Results in April 2019 for “Johor SEO”.

We have also ranked for the following keywords:

#19 for Facebook Advertising Singapore

#31 for SEO Firm Singapore

#43 for SEO Expert Singapore

#43 for SEO Services Pricing Singapore

#50 for SEO Services Singapore

and this is just the beginning of fewer than 2 months of work. We can assure you we will be ranked #1 on the Google Search Engine results pages shortly.

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