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Choosing the right SEO Consultant in Singapore is critical to your success in Digital Marketing! You must read this before you hire one!

A competent SEO Consultant asks the right probing questions

SEO Consultants are able to identify what are the shortfalls of your business.

Simply being able to rank your website on the first page of your business is not enough.

Competent SEO Consultants will take one step further to identify how are your products and services being positioned on your website. By taking it one step further to identify the competitors of your industry, you’ll be able to perform a simple SWOT Analysis.

A SWOT Analysis determines the Strengths , Threats , Opportunities and Threats of your business.

This gives clarity to the business owner what they should focus on their business to ensure they have more market share in their industry.

A competent SEO Consultant does intensive keyword research prior to your kickstarting your SEO campaign

Good SEO Consultants will perform intensive keyword research to rank you on the first page of Google. Being able to perform keyword research will identify what are the most highly searched keywords on the Google Search Engine.

Following that, SEO Consultants will ensure that your web pages are optimized to rank for these keywords.

Good SEO Consultants are able to rank you for short tail keywords while the average SEO Consultants may only be able to rank you for long tail keywords.

Often times, short tail keywords are more competitive as they are more highly searched in the Google Search Engine. Long tail keywords are way easier to rank for due to low search volume.

Good SEO Consultants rank their own websites to prove themselves

SEO Consultants that are able to rank for competitive SEO Keywords are what differentiates an average SEO Consultant with a competent SEO Consultant.

If an SEO consultant is truly as good as he or she claims to be, then surely he or she should be found online using the Google Search Engine for keywords like “SEO Services Singapore“, or “SEO Singapore”, which are extremely competitive search terms.

On the other hand, if these consultants cannot even rank their own pages, what makes you think they can rank you for your own page?

Snippet of Swift Turn Marketing ranking #1 for a SEO Keyword.

Good SEO Consultants have testimonials from other clients to back their claims

Good SEO Consultants would have testimonials to prove that other clients of theirs have benefited from their service.

For instance, they have a portfolio of sites to show you that they have successfully ranked for competitive keywords across a range of industries.

Competent SEO Consultants should also have good testimonials and reviews from other clients. These clients should give positive reviews about their SEO Account Managers.

If other clients are already giving negative reviews about them, they are likely not offering that great of service after all.

Good SEO Consultants understands conversion rate optimization

A good SEO Consultant is able to identify how to better optimize one’s website to convert.

Several elements such as call-to-action buttons, floating widgets, landing pages, social proofs and Facebook Re-targeting are just several aspects of being able to convert better.

By being able to re-target on visitors who have come across your website before using Facebook Advertisements, you have a higher chance of being able to convert a lead to a client.

Good SEO Consultants perform a thorough SEO technical audit for clients

Before hiring an SEO Consultant, they should be able to perform an SEO audit for your website.

They will go through ranking factors such as the On Page SEO elements which includes:

  • Secured Socket Layer Certificate
  • Appropriate heading tags
  • URL structure
  • Optimizing for user’s search intent

Good SEO Consultants will also point out Off Page SEO elements such as:

  • Local Map Citations
  • Consistent Name, Address and Phone Number throughout the web
  • Number of Referring Domains to your site

What you can expect from an SEO Consultant

After hiring an SEO Consultant, they should be in constant communication while managing your SEO campaigns.

It is an indicator of how the SEO consultant manages your accounts. They should give you reports such as ranking updates, links being built, traffic volume increase reports and content that has been added to your website.

These could usually come in the form of a PDF report that contains all the work being performed on your website.

In other cases, SEO Consultants use project management software such as Basecamp and Trello Boards.

The expected results from hiring an SEO Consultant.

Cost of hiring an SEO Consultant

Hiring an SEO Consultant in Singapore can range anywhere between $1000 a month all the way to $5000 a month.

The reason for such a huge price deviation is because of the difference in scope of work. It all depends on the industry you are in. If you are attempting to rank for a competitive keyword, the scope of work is larger and the time being spent on your account would be greater.

If you are ranking for a less competitive keyword, the scope would be lower and the time spent on your account is lower as well.

That explains the huge price deviation.


Before hiring an SEO consultant, it is highly recommended that you do your due diligence and background checks of the companies they are representing.

Compare between the packages and pricing all the companies are offering before intending to hire one.

We wish you all the best for your digital marketing campaigns!

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