Step 1: Download kk Star Ratings on WordPress

kkStar Ratings Search

Go ahead and download kk Star Ratings on WordPress. If you are not using WordPress, make sure you do. WordPress have multiple plugins that are great for the average user that doesn’t know how to code.

Unless you are confident that you are an expert web developer and you don’t need plugins, then you can use whatever Content Management System (CMS) that you want.

Step 2: Activate kk Star Ratings.

kkStar Ratings Dashboard

Once done, ensure that you enable it and check on show in posts. You can even check it to show in pages but I personally wouldn’t do that because it just makes me seem really sketchy to have 5 stars on every page that I have.

Anyway, it’s your choice.

Step 3: Go ahead and give yourself a 5-Star rating on your own page.

Visit the page that you want to index with the 5-Star rating on the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). From there, go ahead and click on the 5 star button as shown in the image below.

Give 5 Star Ratings

Step 4: Go to Google Search Console

If you haven’t setup Google Search Console, don’t worry. Follow this guide here. It’s extremely easy.

Step 5: Click on Fetch as Google under the Crawl Section

Under Google Search Console, click on Go To The Old Version.
Once you do that, click on crawl, followed by ” Fetch As Google”.

Google Search Console Fetch As Google

Step 6: Enter the URL of your page that you wish to have the 5 Stars On.

In the text box available, you want to enter the URL of the page you want the 5 stars to be on. This includes the front slash , “/”. Yes, Google is very precise. Or should I say, the internet is extremely precise.

Fetch And Render

Step 7: Voila, you have yourself a nice 5 star rating.

Well, if you still cannot understand what I’m saying in this post, fret not. Watch the Video below, where I take you step by step in order to be able to have the 5 star you so desire.

How to get 5 Stars Rating by using Schema Mark Up
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