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Performing local SEO in Singapore is not tough. We’ll share with you how to do it!

What is local SEO?

So what is local SEO? How is it any different from normal SEO? The difference lies in the user search intent.

After Google’s Pigeon Update, the websites of some local businesses started to surge in rankings.

This is because Google wants to return search results based on the user’s search intent and so on.

Chances are, when user searches for a service such as plumbing or chiropractic services, they’ll add a town name into it.

Examples include: “Admiralty Hair Salon”, “Bukit Batok Massage” and “Bukit Gombak Clinic”.

Local SEO ensures that your business will appear at the top of Google’s Search Engine results when someone is looking for a particular service at that specified town.

How to perform local SEO?

Here comes the million dollar question. How on earth does on perform local SEO, in order to dominate the search engines?

Maintain quality content on your website

The first step is to produce quality content. By ensuring that you have great content on your web page, containing all the answers for what users are searching for, your rankings are more sustainable and will live longer in the search engines’ results.

In addition to having high-quality links pointing to your web page, content is a long-term asset that lives on the internet forever. By ensuring that you have updated content living on your site, Google can detect that your webpage is widely regarded as a relevant search result to what users are searching for.

Updated content creates the evergreen effect that Google loves. Instead of having long-form content that is repeated by other web pages, updated and fresh content gives Google the signal that your web page is well-maintained, therefore allowing you to rank higher on the search engines.

Setup Your Google My Business Profile

Setting Up Google My Business
It is important to setup your Google My Business page, so that you will appear in the maps section of local map listings.

The second step is to setup your Google My Business Page.

You can claim your Google My Business page here: https://www.google.com/business/

Setup your Google My Business page for free, without having to pay a single cent.

This allows your business to appear on Google with a Name, Address and Phone Number, giving Google a signal that you are an established local business.

By doing so, it will allow your web pages to rank higher on Google.

Be sure to add as many photos as you can to your Google My Business Profile, which adds a lot more accreditation to your profile. This makes your business more trustworthy in Google’s eyes, which allows you to rank higher on the search engine as well.

Introduce More Local Map Citations Across The Internet

Using Local Map Citations for SEO
It is important to ensure that you have a consistent Name, Address and Phone Number being mentioned in directory listings across the internet.

In order to increase your chances of appearing in local map listings, it is important for web pages across the internet to mention your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP).

According to Moz.com, it is crucial that you obtain quality local citations across the internet.

As local map citations can positively and negatively impact your search rankings, you only want quality citations from established directory listings such as Hotfrog, Apple Maps, and Yelp.

These are trusted and authoritative sites that will boost your chances of ranking in the Google Maps Listings.

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Manage Your Online Reputation Well

It is crucial that you protect your online reputation.

If your business have terrible reviews on Facebook and Google, such as a 2 Star review , it is very difficult to have customers to come to your business despite you being able to rank #1 on Google for a keyword.

Ensure that your online reputation is well managed, and customers leave positive reviews whenever they visit your establishment.

Produce Unique Content For Your Webpage

After Google’s Panda Update in 2011, websites with duplicate and thin content is heavily penalized.

Make sure that the content on your website is not plagiarized. If the content being produced is outsourced from someone else, make sure that you check your content by using Copyscape.

Google loves fresh and unique content. If you copy and paste a wall of text from somebody else’s website, you won’t be able to rank on Google!

Fast Website Loading Speed

According to Neil Patel, 47% of website visitors expect websites to load in no less than 2 seconds.

Make sure that your website loads quickly so that website visitors don’t simply bounce off and go to your competitor’s page.

It is so important to optimize the whole user experience, which will significantly contribute to users staying on your site, and ultimately converting to being a client.

Have A Mobile Responsive Page

According to Google Webmaster Central Blog, having a mobile responsive website will be a ranking factor. Make sure that your website can be viewed by mobile phones and not just desktops.

Besides, more than 50 percent of Google Searches are done by mobile devices. You definitely want to ensure that your page is mobile responsive and show up well on somebody’s mobile phone.

Ensure a high click-through rate

As documented by Moz.com, Click-through rate is a huge ranking factor in affecting your search rankings. So how does one ensure a high click-through rate?

Well, one way is to make sure that you have top quality content on your website so that people are able to find what they are looking for.

In addition, if you have a catchy title and meta description, people are more enticed to click on your website as opposed to others’ in the Google Search Engine Results Pages.

Internal Linking Structure

Make sure that you have a good internal linking structure on your page. Have a good mix of outbound links and inbound links spread across your webpage.

This will ensure that you pass the relevant link juice back to your web page, which will enable you to rank higher on the Google Search Engines.


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